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At INSITE we are committed to provide with comprehensive set of services.

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Tackling complex projects

Our project management stellar expertise allows us to track, manage and complete large scale projects.

Commitment to quality delivery

Quality of delivery is our guarantee. With a strong track record of project completions, we provide an unparalleled experience.

Elite team of professionals

Our team of experts delivers value on project management, site supervision, claims, contract management and design.

Development Consultancy

A profound understanding of local conditions and requirements, together with our expertise in managing large-scale commercial, residential, and industrial projects, puts us at a competitive advantage when providing our Clients with Management services . Our objective is to provide our Client with the best options and highest quality standards achievable, within the constraints of the project. From rigorous market analysis and feasibility studies in the pre-design stage, to implementation of plans and handover, INSITE can provide the expertise in all phases of the Development process.

Conflict Resolution & Claims

Claims for increased time and associated costs, and other claims, are common. INSITE provides an effective strategy to avoid claims as far as possible, and to evaluate them fairly when they arise. Litigation is costly and can take years before settlement is reached. We provide the necessary support to resolve disputes, acting for the parties or acting as expert witnesses.

Commercial & Design Management

We provide commercial management of the project, carrying out tasks such as monitoring and reporting on project costs, negotiating claims, budgeting and estimating. On design, our team manages and coordinates teams to ensure the design is in accordance with the client’s brief. 
INSITE creates synergy, from the formulation of the brief.                                                            

Project & Construction Management

Decision-making on all phases of the project requires collaboration with multiple teams and Our skilled Project Managers provide the Client with the foresight needed to avoid potential adversities before they escalate into major problems. INSITE provides the tools required to optimize this process. This includes cost and budget controls, estimation, scheduling, inspection, contract administration.

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