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INSITE Launches Facade Engineering Division in the United Arab Emirates

Experienced Project Management and related service delivery boutique firm – INSITE, has launched its facade engineering service into the UAE market to provide a sustainable service delivery alternative within the construction sector. INSITE FAÇADE aims to provide value-based facade engineering solutions through the use of resource saving processes that are less complex, yet relevant and sustainable.
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Rising Damp in the Desert?

Rising damp is something that we were certainly accustomed to in UK 30-40 years ago (Both as a UK TV comedy hit series) and a reality of old houses with poor DPM/DPC detailing (If any). As houses have either been lovingly restored or demolished hence the problem rectified or replaced with modern design details to much improved British Standards the problem has been largely removed in recent years.So why do we encounter this problem in Dubai and is it the same? 

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On 8th July 2021, starting 11:00 AM we would like to invite you to our third live episode of INSITE Talks, moderated by Michael Lawrence. Our speakers Nigel Taylor and Jonathan Mullan will discuss the subject of ‘Building inspections and defects in Dubai’ and review the challenges and issues that exist in both newly completed and aged buildings in Dubai. This talk will appeal to Developers, Consultants, Operators, Facilities Managers and anyone thinking to buy or sell property as the issues to be tackled concerns the major developments as well as apartments and the typical 3-bed villa. In this session, we will answer the following questions:
  • What are the most common defects in older buildings?
  • What are the common issues identified when we retrospectively audit a recently completed project?
  • What are the benefits of working with a specialist snagging company instead of relying solely on contractors and consultants?
  • What are the differences between predictive, preventative and reactive maintenance?
  • What types of disputes can arise after building completion?
  • What can we do to enhance the life span of buildings?
  • And many more!